Mural Walk: Downtown: January 13th

  • The murals were colorful. -Abi
  • We got to see many artworks. - Sean
  • The murals were very creative. - Tyler
  • I thought the Couchfire Collective mural was very interesting. - Craig
  • It was a cool experience to walk downtown and look at the murals even though it was freezing outside. - Angela
  • Each mural was unique. - Nolan
  • It was nice to see the artistic side of Columbus.   - Rebecca
  • I liked walking downtown looking at murals and talking with my classmates. - Jacob
This was our first mural walk and it was cold!  We decided that in order to be prepared to paint our own mural, we should research the Columbus murals that are already in existence.  We saw several works of art: "Sunflowers in the Windstorm" located at Gay St. and Grant St. painted by Tamera Peterson based off the painting By Emil Nolde, a collaborated three dimensional mural created by Columbus artist group "The Couchfire Collective" located off of Gay St., and a graffiti mural located on Main St. on the side of "The Main Bar".

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