Arcadia Mural

This is one of the few murals in clintonville.  It is located on Arcadia next to North Adult High School.  It was painted by Mike Walker.  In the mural you see many, many different things including, hippies, hippie vans, motorcycle police (CHIPS), road ragers with shotguns, dead bodies, and many signs of the apocalypse.  Higher on the mural there is a biker chick on an easy rider, American flag painted motorcycle.  Next to her is a pig-like creature on a vespa, with a sidecar with a very small Michael Jackson waving from the inside of a glass container.  A horse with wings is on a bicycle next to the pig creature.  On the far right is a skeleton with a mickey mouse hat on an Indian moped.  This mural covers two-stories. We saw this mural on one of our first mural walks.

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