The Last Mural Walk

On February 23rd, we took the COTA (Central Ohio Trasit Authority) bus from our school to High Street, where we took another bus after that to Town Street.  After we got off that second bus, we walked to Mount Caramel hospital.  On the wall of the hospital is a mural entitled "Dedication" painted by Eric Grohe.  Grohe painted this mural in a way that makes it appear three dimensional by using a technique called a "vanishing point".  The people are given a shadow to appear as statues, also known as a "drop shadow".  

We also saw two additional very long and large murals on this walk.  There were actually two sides to one of the murals, but my camera

couldn't capture it all at once.  The first two pictures below are on one side, and the last 3 pictures are show the other side.

At the end of our walk, we found a really cool mural that is seen from the highway that depicts the history of Columbus.  This mural is known as the "Franklinton Mural" and was created by Greg Ackers.

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