Painting Practice

This practice mural was a test run to see how we work together.  Our advisory chose a couple of images that we would like to paint and then narrowed it down by voting on one.  We wanted to practice painting as well as practice working together.  It was a very hard task because it was a small space and none of us have worked together on a mural before.  We were trying to get everyone involved but some people didn't want to do anything.  At the beginning it was a little rough but towards the end mostly everyone was working and having a good time.  The final product is fairly good but the most important thing we were trying to accomplish was learning how to work together.  We had trouble with that but we keep practicing hoping to improve our communication skills so that we have a successful mural from start to finish.  This small practice mural was a preview of what is going to happen when we work the real mural.

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