Tagged Restroom

At Tuttle Park there is a restroom with a colorful assortment of rectangles painted on it.  This however is mostly covered by tags from graffiti artists.  On the backside is a graffiti tag from an artist named "Kringe" and on the other side there are tags from "Ender" and "Skum".  These names might be familiar to you because they can be found spray painted onto buildings, walls, and just about anything else all over Clintonville and Columbus.  While we looked at this graffiti in Tuttle Park, we had a conversation about how Philadelphia dealt with their graffiti problem.  They had graffiti artists from the community work on murals so there was a lower chance of defacement of the communities walls.  We also talked about our opinions on graffiti: useless vandalism of property or interesting art from the people and the difference between legal and illegal work.  

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