Craftsmanship is very important, whether you are working on a personal or public piece. It is used for all types of work from writing to building, and it is an inexcusable element to making things work and such. Our mural needs to be the best we can do. We don’t have very much time but we should still take it slow and make a good product. We have been rushing and our product is a bit sloppy. The craftsmanship hasn’t been the very best so we need to slow down and pay attention to detail. Craftsmanship is essential because it will help decide how well the final piece looks. The effort put into this will be shown by how well the outcome is. We need to watch ourselves and peers and make sure that everyone is taking time and are doing the best they can do. This mural will reflect on us and we want that reflection to be excellent. This is a long and complicated process but the contribution you give to it can either make or break your name. I personally would like this mural to be one that everyone can enjoy, but if it is sloppy it won’t be appreciated. I think that if we all help each other out and just spend a little more time focusing on the project then this will be a great piece of work to remember.

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