revisions and directions

During the process of making the mural we have made many desicions as far as changing what the final product will look like and what our day is like at the site. One of the revisions we made at site is that we now have a job list. At the begining of each day we list and assign the jobs that need to be done each day. We started doing this because some of us were having trouble finding work to do, now if we need work we look at the list and there is almost always a job to do on it.

We've also made many creative changes to the mural. For instance on one of the 3D panels there was just a plain window, we instead decided to paint it as stained glass. Another thing we did was rework the colors of one of the flowers to make it stand out more. Something else was that in order to fill up space we decided to make more 3D elements (birds, animals, insects) that will be put in an empty space in the mural.

A big revision we did was the decision to make the mural what it looks like now. Because we didnt really have an idea for what the mural should look like Megan and Jodi came up with some ideas and we worked off of those until

we came up with what we have now. None of us were very happy about not really having creative privledges but we had been working for the past weeks to come up with an idea and didnt really have much and we had to get started so it was necesary.

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