Subject Matter

We've gotten very far on our mural since we last blogged.
Our group has started painting already, and here's a picture:
The part of the face you see there is actually part of a "nose-and-up" face. This face has different skin colors, to represent diversity, as well as different hair colors. It also has almost all different eye colors.
About the flowers: Our main subject is Community. One flower has a few people protesting/supporting different things, such as equality, peace, and freedom. Another flower has a person riding a bike, suggesting that they are out in the community. That yellow and red circle is a soup kitchen scene, where a server is giving someone some soup inside a church. Finally, the circle at the bottom is someone planting a flower, which means they're making our community look nicer.
How do the face and community flowers tie together? Well, the face is actually going to have these flowers rooting out of her hair, or so we're thinking.

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